7 Simple Ways to Identify Newbie Rummy Players

Rummy is quite a challenging game. Only well-trained individuals use their acumen to plan their game wisely. If you have learnt the Indian Rummy game recently, people can identify easily that you are a newbie. Here are some common signs that indicate you are a newbie in thee game:

They Will Stock Jokers Even Before Making a Pure Sequence

A newbie rummy player is one who has just understood the different rules of the game. He knows that joker can make the game simple. He also knows that joker can be used to complete any sequence or set other than the pure sequence. This is the reason he will stock jokers in his hand. He will forget completely that having too many jokers in the hand may prevent him from making the natural sequence. It with many rounds of playing and experience that a player realises importance of making the pure sequence first.

They Will Not Observe Cards Disposed by Opponent

A newbie player has just grasped the rules of the game. He is so busy planning his own moves and sets that he has no time to observe the moves of the opponent. He will never take interest in the cards disposed by the opponents during rummy games. This casual attitude makes him lose the game. Later he realises his mistake and gets more observant.

They May Pick Cards from Disposed Pile Right from Start

All good players are well aware that the opponent is keenly observing the cards you pick. That is why an experienced player will never pick cards from the disposed pile till his life is formed. This is not the case with a newbie player. He may pick cards in full enthusiasm even from the disposed pile without considering the consequences.

They Will Stick to A Wrong Hand but Not Pass

All variations of rummy allow you to quit at the beginning if the cards are not satisfactory. A small penalty is charged but it is definitely better than losing the game. A mature player knows this as a fact and would pass a 13 cards rummy game rather than hold on to a wrong hand.

They Will Not Manage Points in the Hand

An experienced player has a strategy to deal with the game. He will first try and make the pure sequence and the real sequence. Once the life is formed, he will organise the cards and try to reduce the points in his hand. He will exchange face cards and high point cards for low point cards. A newbie does not have this understanding and he may try making sets with high point cards. This way, he may eventually lose the game.

They Will Not Have an Organised Approach to The Game

A player who has played many rounds of rummy knows that an organised and planned approach to the game is the key to winning. He will thus play with order and method arranging his moves in a proper sequence. This allows him to think clearly and decide wisely. This is not the case with the newbie player. He is chaotic and haphazard in his approaches.

They Will Easily Help Opponents Complete Their Hands

An experienced player is wary of his opponents and plays his moves carefully. On the contrary, a newbie to the game of rummy will play foolishly and give away cards that the opponents have been waiting for. This way, the opponents win the game easily against a newbie player.

If you are a newbie player who has lost due to the above reasons, do not worry. Just go for rummy game free download on KhelplayRummy app and play the game for free with practice chips. Once you understand the nuances of the game, you can take part in tournaments and even bag a few cash prizes.